VAC Approvals

Why Outsourced VAC Approvals?

Do you know why the VAC process is moving so slowly?

Sales Representatives both entry level and experienced with the best intentions often try to cut corners and use relationships to expedite the VAC Approval Process. What they don't often know or won't admit to is that they often get blocked by a seemingly less important player in the process. 

Outsourcing VAC Approvals to an experienced third party prevents blockages and ensures a steady smooth flow with all T's crossed and I's dotted. No corners are cut that might end up in blockages or delays. Removing the rep from the process removes the pressure on the VAC Committee members, and VAC Members do NOT respond well to pressure from sales reps. The sales reps coordinate with the PMC, Inc. VAC Specialist to ensure all appropriate steps are followed and documents are submitted for successful approvals.

Sales Team Management

Are you a small company or start-up with limited resources?

Do your current executives have time to effectively manage, motivate and coordinate your sales team?

Many companies need better processes,  tools or templates  for their teams to utilize for effective prospecting, planning and execution phases of the sales cycle. We can customize tools that will allow  effective goal setting,planning, flow, execution, tracking and  achievement. 

Companies may also need help managing a growing team. We offer consultants and tools to help manage your independent sales force. Team and individual coaching for your sales force is provided via in-person meetings, phone calls, conference calls or webinars  to ensure exceptional  support is always provided for your team of employees or independent contractors.

training - Sales & Leadership

Do you have the time and personnel available to deliver comprehensive training for New Hires or for your Team?

Many smaller organizations need help coordinating comprehensive sales training for new hires as well as for introducing new products and services to existing team members. We will work with you to develop specific training modules and materials. 

Sales Training Level I - Level III

Transformational Leadership Training

Exceptional Customer Management

Business Planning & Forecasting

Sales training for entry level sales and customer service all the way up to Advanced Transformational Leadership Training for your most experienced executives is available.  These trainings are live and interactive, with follow-up sessions to ensure embodied learning and long-term retention of Sales Skills.

Customized Business Planning and Forecasting Tools can also be included to ensure a truly coordinated plan for success.